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GIF Meme

I’ve seen the Screencap Meme being used as a GIF Meme, too, but I thought I’d make my own inspired by that.

01. up close & personal: gifs where the subject is in close up.
02. showing emotion: gifs that prominently display a character’s emotions.
03. faceless: gifs where the subject’s face is not visible.
04. looking down: gifs where the subject is looking down.
05. bruised & battered: gifs where the subject is banged up.
06. hair: gifs that highlight a character’s (usually female) hair.
07. outfits: favorite outfits or looks that character has worn.
08. full body shots: gifs that show the subject’s entire body.
09. silhouettes: the subject should be in silhouette.
10. touch megifs where characters are touching each other or other things of importance.
11. scenerygasm: the subject of the gif is the dominant scenery.
12. objects: gifs where the primary focus is of an object not a character.
13. spacethe focus of these gifs is interesting use of space [often negative].
14.night & day: gifs where the subject is out in the light of day or the darkness of the night.
15. quotes: favourite quotes from a character, in gifs.
16. colors: 
an specific color is emphasised and highlighted in the gifs.
17. colours abound: 
gifs with great colouring even before editing.

18. tickles my pickle: whatever floats your boat. 

[*I (fightingsomany) edited the original version a little bit to suit my likings.]

Since American Horror Story: Asylum isn’t out on DVD yet, being only downloadable for digital download, I decided to make a quick list of some links you could click on to be directed to an uploaded episode because not all of us can afford to spend twenty to thirty dollars for an entire season. If any trouble occurs, contact me and I will take down this list immediately. This list is only for Asylum. ((uPDATE: I started this when American Horror Story recently ended and wasn’t on Netflix and I didn’t finish it and I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it but I’ll post it anyways and hope to god that the links aren’t broken ok bye)

episodes [1-13]:

i. Welcome to Briarcliff

ii. Tricks and Treats

iii. Nor’easter

iv. I Am Anne Frank: Part 1

v. I Am Anne Frank: Part 2

vi. The Origins of Monstrosity

vii. Dark Cousin

viii. Unholy Night

ix. The Coat Hanger

x. The Name Game

xi. Spilt Milk

xii. Continuum

xiii. Madness Ends

[Warning: Asylum contains disturbing images, sexual references, frequent profanity, violent scenes and other concepts that might stir differences among watchers. Viewers discretion advised.]

20 Day Princess Challenge
day 1: the princess you adore most 
day 2: the princess you like least
day 3: the princess you relate to most
day 4: the side kick you wish you had
day 5: the best friend you wish you could hang out with 
day 6: the prince you wish loved you
day 7: the parents you wish raised you
day 8: the castle you wish you lived in
day 9: the town you wish you lived in
day 10: the dress you wish you owned
day 11: the voice you wish you had
day 12: two princesses you think are best friends
day 13: two princesses you think detest each other
day 14: two side kicks who could make a great duo
day 15: two princes who would be best buds
day 16: the scene that always makes you cry
day 17: the scene that always makes you cheer
day 18: the scene that always makes you cringe
day 19: the story you wish was your life
day 20: the movie you love the most

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"The outside world pushes us out of the way to make room. These are our clients. Outside, they are disgusted by us; in here, they love us and our bodies."

ahs meme | [2 out of] nine scenes

↳”You’re a sell-out, Lana.” [2x12, Continuum]

ahs meme | [1 out of] five characters
↳ kit walker ;; “There is no God. Not a God who would create the things I saw.”